The first national conference
“Social Project and Program Evaluation in the Republic of Kazakhstan”

The first national conference <br>“Social Project and Program Evaluation in the Republic of Kazakhstan”

Conference Organizers:

  • The Evaluators Network in Kazakhstan (ENK)
  • Civil Society Development Association (ARGO)
  • National Budget Institution Network of Kazakhstan (NBSK)


Conference Partner:

Ministry of Public Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Financial support:

  • USAID-funded “Partnership for Innovations” program
  • Conference registration fees (LINK)


Date and Location:

November 19-20, 2018, Astana, Kazakhstan



Individuals who are professionally involved with program and policy evaluation are invited to the conference, as well as social contracting project evaluation consultants, representatives of government bodies involved in social contracting, civil society organizations, representatives of international organizations, business evaluation experts from Central Asian and other countries, and other stakeholders. Participants registration will start from November 12, 2018.


Conference Theme:

The inaugural Kazakhstan conference will hosted in Astana for the first time and will become a regular event held as part of the Evaluators Network in Kazakhstan (ENK) activities.

The conference will be dedicated to social project and program evaluation. Evaluation of capital investment in the social sphere is a pressing issue today both in national and international project and program planning, and in their completion and future activity forecast.

The idea of social contracting by the state plays a role here, as well as creating the need in assessing impact of resources invested by the state. Furthermore, with growth of economic welfare and business development in the country, the interest of commercial structures in social support is increasing together with a desire to see impact results. Many questions arise concerning the effectiveness of different methods of such project and program evaluation, as well as necessity to apply them, and the degree of usefulness for public and private investors.

This conference is being planned as a dialogue in project and program evaluation between key stakeholders: international organizations, private businesses, governmental organizations and civil society organizations, that leads to cooperation in project and program evaluation.

In addition, the conference will serve as a platform for sharing best practices in the areas of public, social and international project and program evaluation.



Promotion of the institute of evaluation as an important mechanism for social project and program effectiveness in the public, private and nonprofit sectors.


Conference Objectives:

  • Discuss the role of evaluation in the development of social projects and programs;
  • Study contemporary concepts and trends in social project and program evaluation; and
  • Strengthen the capacity of governmental bodies, businesses, evaluators and CSO experts in social project and program evaluation. Share best practices in social project evaluation, assessment of programs’ social effect, usage of evaluation findings, lessons learned.


The conference program will examine various aspects related to social project and program evaluation:

  1. Social project and program evaluation as an integral part of social contracting mechanism and other forms of state financing in the social sphere;
  2. Evaluation of social projects aimed at addressing societal problems; for example, in gender equality promotion, human rights, problems encountered by persons with disabilities, environmental problems, migration, youth problems and other social issues;
  3. Models and instruments that can be used in social design, project and program evaluation and
  4. Evaluation as an effective tool for decision making; usage of evaluation findings, lessons learned and recommendations.



Call for applications for holding seminars and giving presentations

The above mentioned topics are not exhaustive. Participants are invited to speak on any topic related to the development of project and program evaluations at this conference. Participants wishing to speak at the conference or hold a seminar are encouraged to send an abstract (APPLICATION).

ATTENTION! Please note that the organizing committee will access abstracts received. Seminar moderators as well as speakers are exempt from registration fees.



Day 1: November 19, 2018
Program (ENG ҚАЗ РУС).

The day is dedicated to training sessions and workshops for conference participants from leading experts in the area of evaluation.


Day 2: November 20, 2018
Program (ENG ҚАЗ РУС).

Plenary Session/Opening
Welcome remarks from the organizers.
Conference program overview, format and content of discussions in the conference context.
Presentations delivered by two key speakers to ignite forthcoming discussions.

Panel sessions. Several parallel thematic sessions with participation of leading experts and practitioners in the area of evaluation:

  1. Social contracting – mechanisms of interaction between civil society organizations and the state: contemporary conditions and approaches
  2. Evaluation methodology
  3. Program evaluation on various topics
  4. Evaluation approaches and experience in international development programs
  5. Evaluation experience and practice

A specialized discussion panel “On Evaluation Role and Development in the Republic of Kazakhstan” will be held during the conference.

General plenary session: Conference summary. Closing.